Thursday, November 05, 2009

Watch a large number of icons with

Browsing .icns files in can be painful. If you try to open all the icons of the CoreTypes bundle for example with the following command

open /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/*icns

you will get this view:

All the different sizes of the .icns are displayed, which makes it quite unpleasant to browse.

F-Script Anywhere to the rescue!

Install F-Script Anywhere into Preview, then do

  1. FSA → New F-Script Workspace

  2. Click the Browser For Target… button

  3. Click on one of the icons

  4. Choose the PVIKImageBrowserView object

  5. In the F-Script Object Browser, name the PVIKImageBrowserView browserView

Finally, in the F-Script interpreter, paste the following code:
groups := browserView layoutManager groups.
count := groups count.
0 to:count-1 do: [:i | browserView collapseGroup:(groups objectAtIndex:i)]

Tada, a nice browsable view of your icons!

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Fab said...

Excellent! Thank you very much for posting this.