Friday, January 25, 2008

QuickTime 7.4 and Perian subtitles fix

With QuickTime 7.4, subtitles automatically added by Perian have stopped working. In order to get them back, download and install Front Row Trailers, go to the QuickTime Components tab, and install Perian If the proposed version is below, hold the alt (option) key while clicking the Refresh button.

For thoses wondering, this is an unofficial build of Perian 1.0 onto which two patches have been applied. Note that the future Perian 1.1 release will also be able to read subtitles.

Enjoy, QuickTime 7.4 can read subtitles again, no need to downgrade to version 7.3.

UPDATE: Perian 1.1 is now released and has addressed the problem. Note that subtitles still do not work in Front Row on Leopard.

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