Friday, January 25, 2008

QuickTime 7.4 and Perian subtitles fix

With QuickTime 7.4, subtitles automatically added by Perian have stopped working. In order to get them back, download and install Front Row Trailers, go to the QuickTime Components tab, and install Perian If the proposed version is below, hold the alt (option) key while clicking the Refresh button.

For thoses wondering, this is an unofficial build of Perian 1.0 onto which two patches have been applied. Note that the future Perian 1.1 release will also be able to read subtitles.

Enjoy, QuickTime 7.4 can read subtitles again, no need to downgrade to version 7.3.

UPDATE: Perian 1.1 is now released and has addressed the problem. Note that subtitles still do not work in Front Row on Leopard.

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Unknown said...

I also had success building the perian-1.1 branch from svn. The Deployment build config seems to be broken, but Developement works fine.

Cédric Luthi said...

Sure this is possible to build the 1.1 beta version from the 1.1 branch, but the point here is to have a release quality version with minor fixes and provide an easy way of installing it for the lambda user who doesn't know how to compile Perian.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Does it work even on Tyger 10.4.11?

Cédric Luthi said...

Yes, it does work on Tiger 10.4.11

MA said...

Hi there, sorry for bothering you... i was surfing the web and found your blog and i have some questions!

since the macworld QT update subtitles stopped working. i didn't know about the stuff you said here so i just used vlc player. Yhen yesterday a new QT update was available as a new Perian. Subtitles started working fine. Today when i was trying to check if i had subtitles on Front Row i noticed there wasn't. I ignorantly tried to disabled subtitles on Perian 1.1 and restart the computer, so i could check them again and make a new restart so maybe it would work.
Well, it didn't! When i restarted i found that the subititles option was still checked even though i unchecked it, front row subtitles didn't work either but now it didn't work on QT 7.4.1 eihter!
I already tried do downgrade do perian 1.0 and no results, then i deleted the preferencepane file of perian and installed perian 1.0 - no result - upgraded it to 1.1 and still no result.
Do you have any idea?


MA said...

Nevermind that, i eventually got it to work!

I just have another issue: Front Row does'nt play video, just audio of the avi files. i was wodering if you know how to watch videos with subtitles in front row


Cédric Luthi said...

Subtitles not working in Front Row on Leopard is a known issue. Let's hope it will be fixed in 10.5.2...

Dreamstrider said...

MA Hi. I have the same problem with subtitles and Qt.How did you manage that?

MA said...

I'm not sure!
It just eventually start working.

I guess it had something to do with unistalling perian compeletely (including the preference pane file) then installing perian 1.0, upgrading to 1.1 with some restarts to the computer in the middle.
It's working now with the latest QT 7.4.1 and Perian 1.1.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

No subtitles in Front Row yet, even with 10.5.2. and apparently no fix in sight as the problem is still under investigation by apple